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Home Security Tips (when you are away)

Burglars invariably scan for indications that a house is empty, and the longer the house is unoccupied, the more vulnerable it grows. Heed these pointers for keeping your home protected while you’re away:

  • If your intentions to be away from home, have been announced through a funeral, wedding, or comparable newspaper article, book a house sitter. Burglars frequently read the newspapers to see who’s preparing to be away from home all day or for several days at a time.

  • Ask your neighbours to use your rubbish bins when you’re on holiday so your absence won’t be so noticeable.

  • If you’re leaving your house unattended and will be away from home for many days or even for just one day, you should adjust your telephone ringer volume to its lowest setting. An unanswered phone is an immediate clue that your home is empty.

We covered home security in our previous article. Now that you have some clear guidance on when you’re there or when you’re away, you can rest a little more comfortably wherever you are.

How To Protect Your Valuables:

The most obvious way to protect your valuables is to deposit them in a safe-deposit box or in a secure home safe that is too bulky to be moved. When purchasing a wall safe, make sure it’s fireproof. If you don’t want to spend money on a safe, other less-expensive options can restrict theft potential:

  • A chiselled-out area in the top of a door makes a great “safe” for small valuables.

  • Construct a hiding place in an acoustical ceiling. You could remove a tile and replace it afterwards with magnetic fasteners or a similar mechanism. Be cautious of leaving finger marks, though.

  • Hollowing out the leg of a table or chair can be a way of hiding small objects. We would suggest drilling out from the bottom, then capping all the legs with rubber tips.

  • Avoid obvious places like mattresses, inside drawers, inside ornaments, behind pictures, or under carpets.

Safes-How To Protect Your Valuables - A & E Locksmiths

Many police departments provide a service that includes home inspection, guidance on protective actions, and the use of an engraving tool to mark a code number that will distinguish your valuables in case of theft. Call your police station to discover if they offer such a service.

A & E Locksmiths provides security surveys on request, and we have over twenty years of expertise in producing an extensive collection of low-cost locksmith services. Each of our security services is tailored to help customers in the most efficient way feasible. We strive to preserve affordable, competing prices and take payment via cash, cheque, or card.

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